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Later on Poppy issued out several restraining orders on certain individuals that broke into her home last night.



"I want a new lock to my room and house!"

"I can still break in yordle."

"I want a new lock to my room and house!"

summonersablefoot whispered:

"Kega..? Why are you in my room? I’ll ask nicely before pushing you out of my quarters myself. Leave now." Why was this happening…

apk-amumu whispered:
--> ‡ <--

…She grew wary in the middle of the night, so many people. She thought to herself to reinforce the lock but wondered if it was even that way they came from.. “Please, I don’t want anymore to get in here. Don’t take this the wrong way but you should leave or get hurt at this point.”

twoshivsonebox whispered:

What was it with so many people slithering into her bedroom, let alone the bed. Already having the hammer near her bed table within reach she can only state people to leave so many times. “Run and live or stay and die.”

darknessofthevoid whispered:

She quickly grabs her hammer in a very threatening stance. “You, out, now.”


"Well you must remember. Without you in the upper lane, I’m left with the poisonous demon. His mushrooms and sneak tactics are very unhonorable, and fighting him always leaves a desire for a true fight. So at least until he is gone, I hope you would stay." He laughs, knowing full well he’s mocking Teemo in every which way.

"I would not condone you to speak ill of us, but I cannot disagree on certain points of your argument. He is annoying at times."